CultureSpark: Erie County Cultural Plan

Erie Arts & Culture is pleased to announce the completion of a cultural planning process designed to identify the issues, strengths and challenges for cultural development throughout Erie County. Through this process, named CultureSpark, we engaged civic and cultural leaders and members of the community at large in dialogue about the role, value and outcomes of cultural development. We gained consensus on strategies to optimize cultural development as a resource for community revitalization and economic development, in addition to enhancing community identity, vibrancy and quality of life.

Our process was facilitated by Bill Bulick of Creative Planning, Portland, Ore. Bulick conducted qualitative and quantitative research, facilitated community dialog and developed the Cultural Master Plan. Research took the form of key interviews, focus groups and surveys. The final plan incorporates our vision, goals with specific strategies, expected outcomes, proposed implementation responsibilities and timelines, and a process to review implementation progress.

Assisting in the process was Surale Phillips of Decision Support Partners, Bozeman, Mont. Using the basics of geodemography, which studies the demographic characteristics of individuals in a particular location, Phillips was responsible for data analysis, resulting in ideas for arts and cultural organizations to jump-start how to think about marketing, message, tactics and partnerships.

The planning process began in May 2009 and concluded in April 2010. Implementation is now ongoing and an action team has been formed. Participation on a community-wide basis is encouraged. Contact Erie Arts & Culture at 452-3427 for more information.

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