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  1. Large Scale Mural Project Announced ArtsErie Admin 27-Aug-2014
  2. Veterans Make Artistic Legacy ArtsErie Admin 08-Jul-2014
  3. 2012/13 Annual Report ArtsErie Admin 09-Jun-2014
  4. Erie Community Foundations Shapes Tomorrow as an Anchor Investor ArtsErie Admin 09-Apr-2014

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Catching up with Erie Arts & Culture

  1. Lessons from Pittsburgh: Downtown Development ArtsErie Admin 11-Jun-2014
  2. Barber National Institute to Host Professional Development Workshop ArtsErie Admin 10-Apr-2014
  3. Artist Residency at Wayne Elementary ArtsErie Admin 20-Mar-2014
  4. Ten Questions with Todd Scalise ArtsErie Admin 04-Feb-2014

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